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Areas of Interest
Time distance
from ranch
Area of Interest
Cost, TX
20 min.
Historical marker of "first shot" of the Texas Revolution
Palmetto State Park
35 min.
Beautiful state park 5 minutes form Gonzalez, TX.
Gonzales, TX
35 min.
Texas most historic town (colorful squares, "come an get it" cannon and historic houses)
Lake Calaveras
and Lake Brawnig
50 min.
Awesome fresh water fishing for Redfish, Bass and Sandbass - 10 minutes from San Antonio
Shiner, TX
45 min.
Home of the Spotzl/Shiner Brewery, the oldest in Texas (a must see and sample!)
Lockhart, TX
40 min.
Historical town and home of the best-rated barbecue place in the world Kreutz Market.
Yokum, TX
60 min.
Picturesque Texas town - home of Double "D" Ranch wear and furnishings.
Cuero, TX
30 min.
Famous ranching/cattle town
Port O'Connor, TX
2 hours
Considered to be the best bay fishing spot in all of Texas.
Goliad, TX
60 min.
Home of some of Texas's most significant landmarks like Missions -- Espiritu Santo, Presidio La Bahia and Fannin Battleground.
Nixon, TX
5 min.
Originally Rancho, TX. Nixon is a colorful town with a rich history.
Floresville, TX
30 min.
Wilson County seat, historic courthouse and great bars.
Luling, TX
30 min.
Texas oil town, Watermelon Thump Festival, historical buildings and the San Marcos River.
San Marcos, TX
45 min.
Aquarina Springs, birthplace of the crystal clear San Marcos River and Southwest Texas State University.
San Antonio, TX
60 min.
Austin, TX
70 min.

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